My 4th of July was spent on Lake Coeur d’Alene at my family cabin.  This year my ‘must-brings’ included:

1) An array of sunscreen.  SPF 45+ creams, sprays, wipes…anything to keep me from looking crispy and raisin-esque. Just say no to Teste-Face.

2)  Sensible swimwear.  As I say goodbye to my 20’s, I too must part with teeny bikinis exposing my bits ‘n pieces.  Not a good look.

3)  McClure’s Spicy Bloody Mary mixer.  A new must have deserving my “chips” award.  In a sea of overly sweet summer cocktails, this yummy savory mix brings the heat.



McClure’s Spicy Bloody Mary Mixer has just the right combo of salt, sour, and spice.  The ingredients taste fresh and not processed, the sodium content is lower than other popular mixes, and you can actually see the herbs and spices floating about (chili flakes, dill, etc).  The flavor is strong, a little goes a long way.  I actually prefer to mix McClure’s w/a bud light (any lighter beer will work) to make a yummy red beer/Chelada vs. the traditional vodka bloody Mary.

BONUS: McClure’s mix also makes for a great chicken marinade.  I threw some in a zip lock bag w/chicken thighs overnight.  We grilled the chicken the next day - FAB.  

I found McClure’s Bloody Mary Mixer at Fred Meyer’s ($5.99) and bought it on a whim.  But they also sell it online at Amazon.

1 mix, 3 ways to use it.  

McClure’s wins!


Dress Up Your Denim, Dress Down Your Suit

There’s no easier way to dress down a stuffy outfit than with a denim jacket. The combo brings a sense of casual ease while still looking put together. Despite what JT says, sometimes it’s just not appropriate to show up in a full suit. Loosen the tie to complete the look.

Denim Jacket: Levi’s  |  Tie: Club Monaco  |  Shirt: Gitman Bros Vintage

not shown:  Herringbone Suit Trousers: Gant Rugger (Mr. Porter)  |  Loafers: Prada  |  Watch: Mont Blanc Timewalker Chronograph

Witch Hazel = Pure Magic

Everybody has a skincare regiment they stick to obsessively, until it doesn’t work then they blame life, genetics, god, the cast of Hey Dude.  Our skin changes w/age so what worked as a teen certainly won’t cut it as a stressed out adult.  I’m approaching 30 which is the Zits/Wrinkle shitty combo stage - FUNFUNFUN PAAAAARRRRRTAAAYYY!!!!

Most skincare systems say : Soap, Toner, Lotion.

So in terms of the Toner situation, this simple cheap Dickinson’s Witch Hazel toner is my new fave I’m Fuxxxxxing with.  It has a nice herbal smell, it cleans out the gunk in your pores, and doesn’t over dry.  I feel like it preps my face pre makeup too.

It’s around 4 bucks and available at groceries stores, Rite Aid, Walmart etc etc.

If song lyrics could text.



8 Animal-Based Sex Positions Other Than Doggy Style [Click for more]

Animal sex is horrifying.

I hope this is the only relic of our society to survive so when archeologists find it in millions of years they’re like “whaaaaaat the fuck?”

Hide n Go Seek

A women never reveals her secret…stashes

Look I’m going for something kinda…Avatar hairy vag-y? Got anything?

Look I’m going for something kinda…Avatar hairy vag-y? Got anything?

Jewelry for a cause

Get stylish for a cause and support orphans in Rwanda, WE ARE LIMITLESS!